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Pre-application planning advice

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  1. Pre-application advice scheme
  2. Pre-application information requirements
  1. Pre-application charging schedule
  2. Our pre-application commitments

Pre-application advice scheme

We are able to provide advice and information if you are considering submitting a development proposal. We welcome and encourage discussions before you submit your application and understand that early discussions of your proposal can provide advantages for all parties involved.

We will be able to provide advice to developers and their agents on key issues prior to formal submission where the function is to speed up the development process, and avoid unacceptable proposals and sustain and improve the service provided.

The provision of advice on development schemes is time consuming and the current statutory planning fees, do not cover the cost of these discussions. In view of this and taking into account the increased number of requests for advice, we have formalised the procedures for handling this area of work and introduced a fee.

The advice that we provide does not include neighbour consultation. This would be part of the formal application process. It is strongly advised that applicants discuss their proposals with neighbours or other parties interested in the relevant site before submitting a formal planning application.

We will make every effort to ensure that the advice given in the pre-application process is as accurate as possible. However, any advice given by council officers for pre-application enquiries does not constitute a formal response or decision of the Council with regards to any future planning application and, whilst it may be a material consideration, cannot be held to bind the council in its validation or formal determination of a subsequent application. If an application is subsequently submitted which fails to take on board advice given by officers, then the council may refuse it without further discussion with the applicant or their agent.

Further information about the scheme - Pre-Application Advice scheme adopted 31/08/2017.



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