As you navigate around our website you will come across PDF documents. This page tells you more about PDF documents, why we use them, and looks at PDFs and accessibility.

What are PDFs?

PDFs are downloadable attachments produced in 'portable document format' - this means that they can be opened with free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Why do we use PDFs on our website?

We use PDFs so everyone can see them without having to have special software like Microsoft Word. It also means that documents remain the same and cannot be changed. (This can sometimes be necessary for legal reasons.)

Are PDFs usable with assistive technology?

As PDF documents might not be suitable for screen readers and could be difficult for some visually impaired users, these instructions from Adobe can be used to convert PDF documents into plain text or plain HTML documents. This service is provided by Adobe.

For the latest advice and guidance on producing and viewing PDFs, please see the Adobe accessibility centre.

Can we supply information in a different format?

If you need any PDF document in a different format, please contact the E-Communications team for help.

Find out more about accessibility on our website

Please see our accessibility page for more information on the steps we take to try and make our website accessible to everyone.

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