Who's who in the Coventry Educational Psychology Service

Claire Lunham

Claire Lunham - Educational Psychologist




Clare Antzack


 Clare Antczak - Trainee Educational Psychologist




James Gillum


James Gillum - Principal Educational Psychologist - I have been working with Coventry's Educational Psychology team since 2008 and before becoming an EP, I worked as a teacher in Key Stage 1. My research interests include mathematical difficulties in children and young people and the use of labels in the field of SEND.



Jennet Gabriel


Jennet Gabriel - Specialist Educational Psychologist - Autism



Juliet Whitehead


Juliet Whitehead - Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist



Marta Paulo


 Marta Paulo - Educational Psychologist



Raj Pahil


 Raj Pahil - Specialist Educational Psychologist - Positive Mental Health



Sophie Pitt


 Sophie Pitt - Educational Psychologist




Sophie Quinn


 Sophie Quinn - Trainee Educational Psychologist




Subhadra Telfer


 Subhadra Telfer - Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist



Tom Lewis


Tom Lewis - Educational Psychologist - I have been working with Coventry's Educational Psychology team since 2014. Prior to this, I held a number of roles in child psychology and education. These included work as a primary school teacher, assistant psychologist roles in educational and clinical psychology services, and work as a psychological research assistant. My professional and research interests include selective mutism, literacy difficulties, and dynamic assessment.



Laura Taylor


Laura Taylor - Educational Psychologist - Following five years of teaching English, Drama and Music in Secondary schools in the UK and Guernsey, I trained at the University of Birmingham where I gained my Doctorate in Applied Educational and Child Psychology. After qualifying as an Educational Psychologist, I joined the Coventry service in September 2018. My professional and research interests include:

  • Teaching and learning, specifically the effective mediation of pupil's cognitive functioning
  • Literacy needs, dyslexia and visual processing
  • Emotion coaching
  • Radicalisation and the influence of the Prevent agenda in UK schools (my published paper can be found at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02643944.2017.1358296)



Priya Dhanjal educational psychologist


Priya Dhanjal - Trainee Educational Psychologist


Joanne Bailey - Educational Psychologist

Kate Clissold - Educational Psychologist

Francesca Mann-Willett - Educational Psychologist

Emmie-Louise Tirapani - Educational Psychologist

Alexandra Tesoi - Educational Psychologist



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