Fostering for Coventry City Council - an overview

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Coventry needs more people to train to become foster carers for Coventry children.

The key work carried out by Coventry foster carers means the local children in our care can get the support and care that they need.  Foster carers make a real difference to the lives of Coventry children.

Fostering for Coventry City Council means you are providing children with a safe, positive and nurturing home. Fostering with us means you are also giving the children the best chance of staying close to their family, friends and schools whilst support and decisions regarding their long term future are made.  Foster care is often used for temporary care while parents get help sorting out problems or when family relationships have broken down. Being a foster carer means you are helping children or young people through what is often a difficult period in their lives.

There are different types of fostering and Coventry currently has a need for foster carers for all types of fostering. We would really like to speak to you if you are interested in fostering to discuss what you think you could offer, such as offering a parent and child placement or if you feel you could consider caring for more than one child- therefore supporting brothers and sisters staying together. We also have a therapeutic fostering scheme called 'Next Steps' which requires you to have experience of working with young people, no other under 18's in the household and feel you have the skills and commitment to work with a vulnerable young person who may have more complex issues and require a high level of support. If this sounds like you, you can drop your details to us and we'll call you back to discuss it and chat through any questions you may have

Fostering is often referred to as a lifestyle career and although it is a very different job to the 9-5 it does offer career progression, with 24/7 support with your own dedicated social worker. If you wish to undertake additional training (we offer full initial and ongoing training to all our foster carers) and become more specialist in your fostering, there are different opportunities available.

We know that you might have questions about how fostering payments work. Being a foster carer means that you are self-employed and due to certain Government concessions the income for fostering rarely results in tax being payable and is disregarded for most benefits too. We're happy to chat about this and answer any questions you may have.

If you are a foster carer, or have previously been a foster carer you may wish to talk to us about how fostering with the Local Authority means that you are more likely to have children in placement, how the assessment would work and how our fees and additional payments compare. We pay a 'skills fee per child' cared for to encourage more people to consider caring for siblings and we also have additional allowances paid at key times such as Birthdays, Festivals and holiday time. Find out more about fees- or give us a call to chat through.

Coventry City Council foster carers throughout Coventry and surrounding areas are automatically members of the Foster Carers' Association which runs weekly meetups, coffee mornings and social events- so alongside the official support (with your own dedicated social worker) and training package, there is also informal support on offer. Our foster carers are also automatically members of The Fostering Network and can access their helplines, events and other activities.

Our foster carers attend training alongside social workers and other team members and our foster carers are considered a crucial part of the team caring for children and are involved not only in decisions regarding the children, but also how services are delivered and improved with a number of opportunities to get involved in groups looking at improvements across children's social care, health and other areas foster carers are involved in. We have a thriving local fostering community which has regular support and social meet ups and our foster carers meet on a very regular basis with decision-makers to feedback how they find the service and suggest any improvements 

Please get in touch with us today if you are interested in finding out to look after children and young people. We know that lots of potential foster carers 'rule themselves out' thinking they might not be considered for fostering for one reason or another, but that most of these myths are not true. So if you are interested please get in touch with us and have a chat with our friendly team or come to one of our many drop-ins or information events.

We also have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account.

We are in the office Monday - Friday 9am-5pm on 024 7683 2828 or you can contact us online and we can send you our information pack or ring you back so we can chat through any questions you have. 

Thank you for your interest in fostering.

Fostering Service (recruitment)

Open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 024 7683 2828


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If you'd like a printed copy of our brochure, please call 024 7683 2828.

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