The different types of fostering

Long term fostering (sometimes called Permanence Fostering)

Adoption and fostering
Adoption and fostering

Some children need long term foster placements when it has been decided that their parents or relatives are not in a position to be able to meet their needs now and in the longer term. It might be that for a variety of reasons, adoption is not an option and we need nurturing long-term foster carers who can provide a stable, loving home for children and young people until they reach adulthood. 

Most children who need long term fostering will be aged 10 and over, but sometimes they might be younger, especially if we want to keep brothers and sisters together. Around half of all Coventry children who require foster care have at least one brother or sister and should be placed together

When children are placed for long-term, or permanence fostering they usually stay with foster carers until they are adults although there are occasions when they can return back to their families in a planned way. This type of fostering is therefore a long term commitment. The children will probably move school to be closer to your home and so they can create friendships groups close by. Often, and with social worker support, foster carers help children keep in contact with significant family and friends.

As with all fostering schemes foster carers have their own allocated social worker and access to 24 hour support. Foster carers will also work alongside the child’s social worker to assess the child’s support needs and to plan for the long term future of the child including preparing them for independence. Long term carers continue to receive the weekly allowances, equipment, support and training as necessary.

Children needing long-term foster carers are carefully matched to make sure that the foster carers can meet their needs both in the short and longer term and that children will fit in with the fostering family.

Coventry urgently needs more foster carers and would welcome the opportunity to answers any questions you may have- there are information sessions happening across the City (details on this website) or call the team on 024 7683 2828.

Foster carers require skills and qualities such as:

  • Assertiveness
  • Discretion
  • Confidence
  • Sensitivity
  • 24-hour commitment

Together we can give children a childhood. It’s time to make a difference.

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