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While you are in our care we want to help you reach your full potential and give you the same opportunities in life as your friends. The Council and the agencies we work with, have made a set of promises, called the Coventry Pledge, to all looked after children and care leavers.

Here are some other ways to have your say

Join the Voices of Care Council.  This group includes looked after children and young people as well as care leavers. It's a great opportunity for you to influence important people in the Council and to make sure we know what your views and concerns are.

The Participation Team will also keep in touch with you and share any relevant information with you. 

Here are some other people you can talk to and other ways of telling us how you are feeling.

  • Review meetings. You can contact your Reviewing Officer by phone or e-mail before your review.
  • Talk to an advocate: a person who will help you say what you want to say or speak on your behalf.
  • Independent visitor (or IV): this is a befriender, in other words an adult friend. They are not social workers they are volunteers, if you want they can support you at meetings and reviews.
  • Comments, compliments & complaints (3Cs): if you are happy, have a comment or if you are not happy with how you have been treated, you can contact the Children's Complaints Officer.

Don't forget that you can also talk to your foster carer, residential children's worker, social worker, independent visitor or after care worker about any of the above.

Participation team

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 024 7683 1432

Mobile: 07904 395868

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