Eligibility criteria

If you wish to place a builder's skip on any part of the highway a licence is required from this Council. The highway includes road, pavement and verge.

A licence can be valid for any period between one day and 14 days. For longer periods additional applications should be made.

Each skip shall be positioned (so that its longer sides are parallel to the edge of the carriageway and as near to the edge of the carriageway as is reasonably practicable) so that it does not impede the surface water drainage of the highway nor obstruct access to any manhole or the apparatus of any statutory undertaker or the City Council.  Skips positioned on the footway verge must be placed on timbers to protect the surface.

Full terms and conditions are available.

Skips should not be deposited on the highway:

  1. within 15 metres of a road junction, within a bus stop or within a school entrance and any associated road markings. 
  2. on the zigzag markings associated with zebra, pelican or toucan crossings. 
  3. within 25 metres of traffic signals. 
  4. in such a position that would obstruct vehicular access to or from premises. 
  5. in such a position that would constitute a danger or nuisance to users of the highway. 
  6. on verges or footways, other than as previously indicated. 
  7. On road humps, speed cushions, speed tables or adjacent to pavement extensions.

Each skip shall at all times be properly lit during the hours of darkness.

Where a skip is placed on a carriageway, bridleway or footpath it shall be properly marked in accordance with the Builders Skips (Markings) Regulations 1984 and the end(s) of the skip facing the flow of traffic shall be painted with bright yellow paint.

Each skip shall be clearly and indelibly marked with the owner's name, telephone number or address.

Where more than one skip is on the highway at any one time, the skips shall be positioned as closely as possible to each other, but not so as to obstruct access to any premises unless the consent of the occupier of those premises has been obtained.

Each skip shall be removed from the highway as soon as is practicable after it has been filled and no later than 2 working days after it has been filled.  All materials contained in a skip shall be properly disposed of and the highway on which the skip stood shall be left in a clean and tidy condition

No skip shall exceed 5 metres in length or 2 metres in width.

No skip shall contain any hazardous, explosive or otherwise dangerous material or any material which is liable to putrification during the period of this consent or is likely to become a nuisance to highway users or to adjoining properties. No skip shall be used in a manner that its contents fall on to the highway.

Skip Licences

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