Digital Coventry

Internet and digital technologies have transformed lives on a global scale and continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace. The pace of technology evolution is also changing what people want from the services that the public sector, including the Council, provides or commissions. The Council is responding to the challenges through its digital strategy, Digital Coventry. As part of this, we are also seeking to make better use of the information assets of the Council.

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Open data

The Council is seeking to publish more data as open data, so that public information is open by default, and for citizens and businesses to access information about themselves, and to enable the creation of a city data market and the development of the internet of things in the city. Initially, we have released the following datasets as open data, but as we work towards making the information we hold in more accessible, standardised, and digital formats rather than as paper records, we will provide more information when we can.

About our open data

Data is information that we gather as part of our daily and regular business. The following open data comes from a variety of sources and is presented in a variety of ways, either in its raw form, or where we have done some analysis and tried to make it more useful. It can be freely used by everyone with few restrictions. These collections of reusable data are known as datasets. Information we have published so far includes all our spending over £500, salaries of our senior staff, our contracts and much more.

In some cases, we have REDACTED data. This means that some information has been removed. This can be for a number of reasons. Personal data that could identify an individual, such as a foster carer, or a person's home address would be redacted.

Who can use this data?

Anyone really. You can download it. You are free to use it in a wide variety of ways.  All that we ask is that you use it in accordance with the Open Government Licence.

Data sets

Below is a list of the datasets we provide:

Open data

Business rates (Non-Domestic Rates)

Council performance

Environmental Services


Other data

The Council also publishes a lot of other information and statistics. Not all of these are published as open data formats like csv at present. Information and statistics about the city, the Council and its performance and its strategies and policies are set out in the information and statistics hub:

We also publish other data sets. These are currently not available in machine-readable formats and are only available as pdf:

Freedom of information (FOI)

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act gives you the right to ask for - and be given - information that the Council has:

Information Governance

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