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Want to get involved with your local park? Why not join your local "Friends of Park" Group? 

War Memorial Park 

The Friends of War Memorial Park group was established in April 2006 to discuss issues relating to the War Memorial Park in Coventry.

The group has a Friends of War Memorial Park page on Facebook set up by a member of the public. Please note that Coventry City Council is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Spencer Park

The Friends of Spencer Park is the name for a group of local residents who are co-operating to improve Spencer Park and Recreation Ground.  Located on the North and South sides of Spencer Road in Earlsdon, Coventry, these areas provide green space and recreational facilities for all age groups. 

Allesley Park

The Allesley Park Walled Garden Group was formed in early 1997.

The Walled Garden Group continues to upgrade the quality of the garden itself, continuing to grow without chemicals. The garden is also used to develop a series of projects with local schools and Ryton Organic.  

Gosford Park

The Gosford Park Residents' Association (GPRA) has been in existence since 1982.  A lively and busy organisation who are passionate about making their area nicer, cleaner, safer, and generally, a GREAT place to live.

Please note that Coventry City Council is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Stoke Green

 Stoke Park Residents Group represent the local residents of the area including Stoke Green Park.

Prior Deram Park and Parkwood Meadows

The Friends Of Canley Green Spaces organises activities to enable volunteers to improve the natural green spaces that surround Canley.

  • You can also check out the Flickr page for pictures of these parks.

Lake View Park

Lake View Park is a large, grassed wildlife conservation area in Coventry, through which the river Sherbourne runs. Loved by dog walkers and locals alike, and this Friends of Lake View Park are passionate about making it a place for everyone to enjoy.

Spencer Park

The Friends of Spencer Park is the name for a group of local residents who are cooperating to improve the amenities of Spencer Park and Recreation Ground.  

Friends of Spencer Park was constituted as a voluntary organisation in 2012, dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of these historic areas. An essential part of the remit of the group is to engage in public consultation over any plans made to maintain or improve the area.  

Charterhouse Fields

The Coventry Charterhouse Association mission is to support the Preservation of the Charterhouse, Charterhouse Priory, the Estate and the Charterhouse Fields.

Longford Park

Friends of Longford Park began as a group of enthusiasts from the Longford CAN group in 2003. The enthusiastic volunteers began by organising (jointly with the council) two big events in the park to attract local residents and publicise the park as a wonderful community space. The events were the highly successful Longford Fayre and the firework night display. These events ran for many years and attracted hundreds of visitors to the park. The Longford Fayre committee became the Friends of Longford Park and joined the council in improving the park by feeding into consultations on facilities, volunteering on the ground and by applying for external funding. The group is still active today and always welcomes new volunteers. They promote participation and enthusiasm from young people and have been instrumental in attracting the Magic Mile and Awards for the Park.

Sowe Valley

Friends of Sowe Valley aim to care for and enhance the River Sowe corridor, looking after both the river and surrounding green spaces for both wildlife and people.

Nauls Mill Park

Naul's Mill Park is an important green space in the heart of Coventry's inner city. With impressive historical roots dating back to the 12th Century, Friends Of Naul's Mill Park are committed to respecting, nurturing and celebrating this beautiful green space.

Moat House Park

Meet and socialise with people who are interested in preserving and protecting the park. The group also get involved in gardening and growing.