The Property Clearance Service is for domestic properties or commercial units. This service is chargeable, and the cost will depend on the amount of days required to clear the property and the number of skips and skip permits needed. The service includes the hire of two staff members to clear the property for you and for arrangements of skip hire & permits to be organised. You will need to contact us for a quotation for this service. We will then send an officer to view the property and email or post you a formal quotation. Once a quotation is accepted, we will arrange a day that suits all to undertake the clearance.

Properties best suited for this service

Domestic houses or flats, whether that’s following a bereavement or properties affected by hoarding tenants. If an elderly resident has moved into a care home and the property has items of furniture and white goods for clearance – this service would be applicable (please note, we cannot take fridges or freezers). The same service can also be used for Commercial businesses, to clear an office of furniture, or an industrial unit. We now also offer the clearance of domestic gardens. Contact our representative for more information.

Type of items removed during a domestic property service

We remove white goods, furniture, household items and refuse. We can include removal of carpets and window coverings (blinds/curtains) if required so that the property is left completely empty. Pest control treatments can also be included by our fully trained pest controllers at an additional cost should they be required. (Pest Control treatments will require further visits to the property in addition to the property clearance day to complete a course of treatment).

We recommend any items of monetary or sentimental value such as photographs, jewellery, certificates, or paperwork are sorted and taken away from the property before the date of the clearance. Any personal items found during a property clearance will be noted and retained for the customer – however, staff will not be sorting through items and are purely there to remove items and furniture to put into a skip. We will not be held responsible for any lost belongings such as the above.

If you feel you would like furniture donated to charity rather than put into a skip, we can arrange this with you if you have a charity in mind. Please note, this may delay the clearance date as we will need all parties to be available to collect items on the same day. The charity may also need to see photos of the furniture beforehand for which you will need to arrange prior to the clearance.

What is not included within a property clearance

  • Fridges/Freezers.
  • We do not remove hazardous waste such as asbestos – you will need to hire a specialist hazardous waste company to remove this.
  • This service does not include a full property clean – just removal of items only. Staff will remove any debris from the floor after removing carpets if needed but will not be cleaning and washing surfaces, toilets, or kitchens during a property clearance.

Is the property clearance service just for Coventry residents?

No. We offer this service for any domestic or commercial properties within Coventry and Warwickshire. Contact us if you are unsure whether your area is included as we may be able to help.

Getting a quotation and booking your property clearance

To receive a quotation, please contact a member of our team on 024 7683 2658. During the call we will require your name and address, the address of the property for clearance (if different), an email address, and a brief description of the type of property and clearance that you require. We will then book an officer to meet you at the property for them to evaluate how many skips will be required.  A quotation will then be emailed or posted to you.

Bulky Waste Collection Service

Consider the Council's bulky waste collection service before contacting us for a quotation. This service is a cheaper alternative to our property clearance service. The Bulky Waste Collection Service requires you to remove the items of furniture/white goods yourself and place them outside ready for collection on a specific collection day for your area. This service is for Coventry residents only.

Book a trip to the tip

If you can get items into your car, you can book a time slot at the tip. This is for Coventry residents only.

All waste collected at our property clearances is disposed of correctly by Coventry City Council at our waste disposal site – we will recycle as much as we possibly can. Please be responsible when disposing of waste and if using a company always make sure they will be disposing of rubbish in the correct manner and hold a waste disposal licence.