** From 1st January 2024 our pre app fees will be increasing ** 

Obtaining pre-application advice is not compulsory but is advisable as it can result in the resolution of difficult issues before submission of a planning application. Development outcomes are generally better if applicants engage early on with us as it avoids applications being refused unnecessarily. We, therefore, encourage and welcome the opportunity to provide advice before an application is made.

The advice that we provide does not include neighbour consultation. This would be part of the formal application process. It is strongly advised that applicants discuss their proposals with neighbours, landowners or other parties interested in the relevant site before submitting a formal planning application.

We will make every effort to ensure that the advice given in the pre-application process is as accurate and up-to-date as possible based on the information that we hold. Please see our fees. Any advice by council officers for pre-application enquiries does not constitute a formal response or decision by the Council, with regards to any future planning application and, whilst it may be a material consideration, cannot be held to bind the council in its validation or formal determination of a subsequent application. If an application is subsequently submitted which fails to take on board advice given by officers, then the council may refuse it without further discussion with the applicant or their agent.

Our pre-application service will provide you with:

  • An early indication as to the acceptability or unacceptability of a proposal.
  • Early identification of the issues that need to be addressed, before the submission of a formal application.
  • Early identification of the need for you to appoint specialists concerning matters such as highways, drainage, arboricultural, environmental protection (noise, contamination and pollution), urban design, ecology/biodiversity and heritage/conversation.
  • Early identification of any Section 106 requirements/contributions.
  • Advice on the plans and supporting documents you need to submit with your formal application to ensure that it is valid on receipt.
  • An opportunity to reduce the number of negotiations and amendments required at the formal application stage.
  • Providing advice that is consistent, reliable, up-to-date and tailored to your needs.
  • Written confirmation of the advice given at the pre-application stage.
  • A link to Gov. uk flood risk map.

Requesting advice


We are unable to give informal advice by telephone, please refer to our planning webpages for guidance.

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Telephone: 024 7683 1109