Time Union Coventry (Est. 2014)

Time Union is a time bank which aims to help people use their time to build their sense of self through relating to others, connect to Coventry as a community, and enable socially positive changes to come from individual acts of sharing.

A time bank is a system of mutual exchange. Members share their time, assets, and skills on an hour to hour basis – share an hour with one member, and get an hour back from another. Current members exchange language lessons, fitness, DIY, career and life coaching, filmmaking lessons, crafts, Reiki, cinema trips, and more. The possibilities are endless!  You don’t have to be an expert to share something although some are, it can be a hobby skill at which you are able, or wish to develop. 

Time Union is free (it just costs time!) and open to all 18+ with a connection to Coventry.  It is based upon an ethos of equality, reciprocity, and asset recognition.

To join

Fill out the short Time Union application form. You are welcome to meet with a development worker at the Pod for an informal chat about Time Union, you can arrange this before or after filling in your application. If you have any questions or are unsure what you might exchange, feel free to get in touch to discuss. People often have more to offer than they realise. 

“For a number of reasons I would be unable to identify an organisation I would volunteer for but I am aware I have skills that others could/would benefit from. I also have complete skills gaps for example how to fix a tap or put up a shelf. I like you exchange around assets/skills/interests. Time Union sits well with me politically.”
-Time Union Member

“Time Union shows how local councils can back community timebanking without unduly imposing their outcomes or expectations on it.  It feels a lot more like a piece of enabling social infrastructure, rather than a 'public sector intervention' into the lives of citizens and communities.”
-Paul Slatter - Director, time bank researcher, Chamberlain Forum