Electric Vehicle Charging Point Network

ESB EV Solutions Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Point Network

A city-wide network of  39 rapid electric vehicle charging points have been installed by ESB EV Solutions in association with Coventry City Council and are now available for customers to use.

The locations are:

  • 125-153 Lockhurst Lane, Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • 341 Holbrook Lane, Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • 48-62 Clay Lane, Coventry - 3 Rapid Charge Points
  • 487-489 Holyhead Road, Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • Binley Road (Opp. No.12), Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • Binley Road Car Park, Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Cannon Park Shopping Centre, Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Cecily Road, Coventry - 3 Rapid Charge Points
  • Cox Street, Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Croft Road, Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • Foleshill Road (Opp. No. 625), Coventry 2 - Rapid Charge Points
  • Greyfriars Road, Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Holbrook Lane (Opp. No. 178), Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Lower Ford Street, Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • Manor Road, Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • Queen Victoria Road, Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Red Lane, Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • Salt Lane Car Park, Coventry - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • Trinity Street, Coventry -  2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Lower Holyhead Road  - 1 Rapid Charge Point
  • 26 Stoke Green (Opposite Tick-tock Park), Binley Road, Coventry - 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • 16-4 Cramper's Field, Coventry – 2 Rapid Charge Points
  • Jubilee Crescent (outside Asda), Radford, Coventry- 2 Rapid Charge Points

Access and use is available via ESB's 'EV Plug In' mobile app and/ or with an ESB EV Solutions charge point access card.

Find your nearest ESB EV Solutions charging point.

All the options offered by ESB can be found on their web site https://www.esbenergy.co.uk/ev/coventry

Sign up and/or download the EV Plug In app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

To complement this further, confirmation from Government has been received on the extension of the Plug-in Car Grant scheme, with an increased emphasis upon zero emission vehicles, light vans and electric cargo bikes. This is available for both private individuals and businesses.  For the last 7 years, the Plug-in Car Grant (PICG) has provided a discount to the price of over 160,000 new ultra-low emission vehicles. This is part of the governments Road to Zero Strategy. Go to your nearest dealer to make enquiries about this grant.

Finally, Coventry has collaborated over the last year with Warwickshire County Council on a joint Public Health active travel campaign "Choose How you Move": plan your journey more actively today.