Alternatives to garden bonfires

As recycling facilities improve, bonfires are becoming less popular. Environmental Protection do not consider that burning waste is an acceptable means of disposal and urge householders in Coventry to consider other ways of getting rid of waste.

As well as potentially causing a nuisance, bonfires can produce 'greenhouse' gases such as carbon dioxide which add to global warming. Bonfires can also produce other poisonous gases and fine particles which can affect human health. In particular, this will affect those individuals with heart and respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

Why not 'do your bit' for the environment and help reduce air pollution in Coventry by disposing of your garden waste in a more environmentally friendly manner?

You should consider:

  • Shredding or chopping the material with a spade and using it as a garden mulch or 'green' compost which can be dug straight into the garden
  • Use our fortnightly green waste kerbside collection and your waste will be composted
  • Make your own compost from your garden waste to improve your soil and save money.

For hints and tips on home composting see our composting advice or Garden Organic based at Ryton Organic Gardens, near Coventry.

Or, take your waste to the recycling and disposal centre on London Road or arrange for a special bulky waste collection.

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