Most roadworks are carried out by the Council and official bodies such as water and power companies and do not need special permission. However, some activities do need a licence or permission from the Council, such as putting up scaffolds or placing skips or notice boards in the street, and sometimes we charge a fee for dealing with these requests.

In most cases, we will give permission, but we have to make sure the work will not create a danger or problems for other road users. This will ensure your public liability insurance remains valid in the event of an incident.

By law, some activities, such as obstruction of road space, putting up unauthorised signs, damaging the road surface, are illegal and the person involved is committing an offence. We will take action where these offences happen.

Most occupation of the highway and road works carried out by private developers, Council or official bodies such as water and power require a permit to occupy the footways and carriageways under the NRSWA and TMA Permit Scheme.


We will give permission if the work will not cause problems for other road users and if the correct fee is paid. All requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible. We will investigate any unauthorised activities and take action where necessary. You can apply for a licence by visiting Highway Licensing. To report damage or unauthorised work, please email details and a photo if available to


All requests will be checked to make sure the work is necessary, does not affect other road users, and that no other more suitable action is possible. If we refuse permission, we will tell you why. A licence will not be issued until any conditions have been agreed in writing and the correct fee has been paid. Other licences will not be issued unless the applicant had satisfied the conditions and the correct payment has been processed.  Action will be taken if unlicensed objects or materials are put in the road or the pavement without permission. Our inspectors will carry out random checks at licensed sites to make sure all conditions are being followed. We will take action if they are not.


Charges may be changed occasionally to cover any increases in costs. See Fees and Charges for Traffic and Transportation.

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