Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders

Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders
Order name and related documents Roads affected Type of Order Current status

City of Coventry (City Centre High Street Area)(Prohibition of Driving & No Entry)(Experimental) Order 2024

Bayley Lane, Cuckoo Lane, Greyfriars Lane, Hay Lane, High Street, Pepper Lane, Priory Row, St Michaels Avenue Experimental

Operational 3 June 2024

Objection Period: 3 June 2024 - 2 December 2024

City of Coventry (Eaton Road) (One Way & Prohibition of Left Turn) Order 2024 Eaton Road Permanent


Objection Period: 18 April 2024 - 9th May 2024

City of Coventry (Pickford Green Lane Area)(Waiting Restrictions )Order 2024 &  City of Coventry(A45 Birmingham Rd, Slip Roads)(Waiting Restrictions) Order 2024 Brick Hill Lane, Pickford Green Lane, Development Road 1, Development Road 2, Development Road 3, Access 1, Access 2, Access 3, Access 4, Access 5 Permanent 

Operational 17 May 2024


City of Coventry (Jennaway Gardens and Ethelred Close)(Waiting restrictions) Order 2024

Jennaway Gardens, Ethelred Close



Objection period: 21 March 2024 - 11 April 2024

City Of Coventry (Watery Lane, Parish of Allesley)(Prohibition of Driving) Order 2024 Watery Lane (Parish of Allesley) Permanent


Objection period: 7 March 2024 - 29 March 2024

Proposed  Raised Tables Earlsdon Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme 3 junctions - Spencer Road / Spencer Avenue / Dalton Road, Broadway / Belvedere Road & Beechwood Avenue / Warwick Avenue / Stoneleigh Avenue Notice of Intent 


Objection period: 15 February 2024 - 7 March 2024

Proposed Controlled Crossings Earlsdon Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme


Albany Road, Earlsdon Street Notice of Intent 

Representation Period 

15 February 2024 - 7 March 2024

Earlsdon Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme

Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders & Designation of Cycle Track


Albany Rd,  Arden St, Avondale Rd, Bates Rd, Beechwood Avenue, Belvedere Rd, Berkeley Rd North, Berkeley Rd South, Broadway, Clarendon St, Dalton Rd, Davenport Rd, Dorney Cl, Earlsdon Avenue North, Earlsdon Avenue South, Earlsdon St, Eastleigh Ave, Hartington Cresc, Huntington Rd, Innis Rd, Mayfield Rd, Mickleton Rd, Moor St, Morningside, Myrtle Gr, Newcombe Rd, Nightingale Lane, Osborne Rd, Palmerston Rd, Pinewood Gr, Poplar Rd, Providence St, Radcliffe Rd, Raven Cragg Rd, Rochester Rd, Shaftesbury Rd, Southleigh Ave, Spencer Ave, Spencer Rd, St Andrew’s Rd, Stanley Rd, Stanway Rd, Stoneleigh Ave, Styvechale Ave, The Firs, The Riddings, Warwick Ave, Warwick St, Westleigh Ave, Woodland Ave, Woodfield Rd



Objection period: 15 February 2024 - 7 March 2024

City of Coventry (Far Gosford Street Area)(Red Route & Waiting Restrictions)(Experimental) Order 2024 Far Gosford Street, Vecqueray St, Bramble St, Grafton Street Experimental

Operational 26 February 2024

Objection Period: 26 February 2024 - 25 August 2024

City of Coventry (North View) (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2024 North View Permanent 


Objection period: 15 February 2024 - 7 March 2024

City of Coventry (St Martins Road) (Prohibition of U Turn) Order 2024 St Martins Road Permanent


Objection period: 18 January 2024 - 8 February 2024

Proposed Installation of Crossing Facilities Abbey Rd/London Rd Abbey Road, London Rd  Notice of Intent

Representation Period 

2 November 2023 - 23 November 2023

Proposed Installation of Controlled Crossing Facilities & Designation of Cycle Track Lynchgate Road (crossing facilities) Charter Avenue, Sir Henry Parkes Road, Shultern Lane, Lynchgate Road (cycle facilities) Notice of Intent & Designation

Representation Period (for Notice of Intent)

2 November 2023 - 23 November 2023

City of Coventry (Citywide) (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (Designation, Waiting Restrictions, Loading Restrictions, Loading Areas and Street Parking Places) Consolidation Order 2016 – (Variation 12) Order 2023

Albany Rd, Barlow Rd, Beech Tree Ave, Bennett's Rd South, Blenheim Ave, Brighton St, Briscoe Rd, Chaceley Cl, Calder Cl, Cecily Rd, Clovelly Rd, Cobden St, Collett Walk, Coundon Rd, Court Leet Rd, Coventry St, Crabmill La, Crosbie Rd, Croydon Cl, Dallington Rd, Delhi Ave, Denbigh Rd, Dillotford Ave, Dingle Cl, Dutton Rd, Durbar Ave, Eastern Green Rd, Farcroft Ave, Fenside Ave, Fenton Rd, Finbarr Cl, Firedrake Croft, Forfield Rd, Frank Pledge Rd, Gardenia Dr, Gaveston Rd, Gorseway, Gospel Oak Rd, Grangemouth Rd, Green La, Greendale Rd, Harnall La East, Hartlepool Rd, Hawksworth Dr, Headington Ave, Heath Cresc, Heybrook Cl, Heyford Cl, Holborn Ave, Holbrook La, Hornbeam Dr, Hen La, Henley Rd Jacquard Cl, Kanzan Rd, Kingsbury Rd, Locke Cl, Lollard Croft, Lutterworth Rd, Lythalls La, Malam Cl, Manor House Dr, Millhouse Crt, Montalt Rd, Marshbrook Cl, Narberth Way, Neal Crt, New Rd, Newington Cl, Nutbrook Ave, Oldfield Rd, Pandora Rd, Parkgate Rd, Parkside, Parry Rd, Penruddock Dr, Queen Isabel's Ave, Randle St, Red La, Redcar Rd, Regency Dr, Remembrance Rd, Rex Cl, Robert Wright Dri, Rodway Dri, Rookery La, Rowington Cl, Ruskin Cl, Sandford Cl, Seneschal Rd, Shaftesbury Rd, Southbank Rd, Stanier Ave, Sutton Ave, Swallow Rd, Tarlington Rd, Tamworth Rd, The Scotchill, Stretton Ave,Tile Hill La, Tomson Ave, Torcoss Avenue, Troutbeck Rd, Tudor Ave, Upper Spon St, Valley Rd, Villa Rd, Waveley Rd, Wheler Rd, Wildcroft Rd, William Bristow Rd, Woodside Ave, Worsdell Cl, Wright Street, Wycliffe Rd West, Wykeley Rd Permanent

Operational  01 March 2024

City of Coventry (Hales Street)(Bus Gate)(Experimental) Order 2023 & City of Coventry (Corporation Street)(Revocation)(Experimental ) Order 2023 Hales Street, Corporation Street Experimental

Operational 19 July 2023

Objection Period: 19 July 2023 - 18 January 2024

City of Coventry (Butts) (Prohibition of U Turns) Order 2023 Butts Permanent Objection Period: 8 - 29 June 2023
City of Coventry (Papenham Green Area) (20mph Zone) Order 2023 Donegal Close, Greenfinch Road, Hummingbird Avenue, Papenham Green, Skylark Street, Starling Close Permanent Operational 18 August 2023
Proposed Controlled Crossing (Zebra) Moseley Avenue Moseley Avenue Notice of Intent

Representation Period

16 March 2023 - 6 April 2023

City of Coventry (Knights Templar Way Area)(Prohibition of Driving)(Experimental) Order 2023 Knights Templar Way, Lomsey Close, Monksfield Close Experimental

Operational 27 February 2023

Objection Period: 27 February 2023 - 26 August 2023

Binley Cycleway proposed controlled crossings and establishment of cycle track (phase 2) Binley Road, Brandon Road, Brinklow Road, Clifford Bridge Road, Hipswell Highway Notice of Intent

Representation period (proposed crossings only)

15 December 2022 - 12 January 2023

Upper Well St & Ringway St Nicholas on & Off Slips - proposed cycle track Upper Well Street, Ringway St Nicholas clockwise on slip, Ringway St Nicholas anti-clockwise off slip Establishment of cycle track Notice of proposal
Upper Well St and Ringway St Nicholas on & off slips - Proposed new and changes to existing controlled crossings  Upper Well Street, Ringway St Nicholas clockwise on slip, Ringway St Nicholas anti-clockwise off slip Notice of Intent Representation period 3 November - 24 November  2022

Far Gosford Street Area Scheme (Phase 1) Experimental Orders. (3 Orders)

Bramble Street, Far Gosford Street, Vecqueray Street, , Grafton Street, Binley Road, Gulson Road Experimental

Operational 4 November 2022

Objection Period: 4  November 2022 - 3 November 2023

City of Coventry (Cannon Park Road Area) (20mph Zone) Order 2022

Cannon Park Road, Fairlands Park Permanent

Operational 20 January 2023

Order name amended to refer to 2023

Spon End Air Quality Scheme Traffic Regulation Orders 2022 The Arches Industrial Estate Access Road, Spon End, Upper Spon Street Permanent

Objection Period: 8 September - 29 September 2022

Upper Spon Street Order Operational 18 August 2023

Proposed installation of pedestrian facilities at 4 traffic signal junctions Beake Avenue/Burnaby Road, Sewall Highway/Blackberry Lane, Sewall Highway/Bell Green Road, Humber Road/Bolingbroke Road Notice of Intent Representation period: 4 August - 25 August 2022
Notice of Intent to Stop up the Highway - Butts Road Subway Subway Butts Road Notice of Intent Notice of application
City of Coventry (Middleborough Road)(Two Way Cycle Lane) Order 2022 and proposed installation of controlled crossings and raised table Middleborough Road, Abbotts Lane Permanent & Notice of Intent Objection and representation period: 26 May-16 June 2022
Notice of Intent to Stop up the Highway - Junction 7 Subway Subway Ringway (A4053) Junction 7 Notice of Intent Notice of application.
City of Coventry (New Century Park) (20mph Zone) Order 2022 Amelia Crescent, Arabella Walk, Buttercup Walk, Clementine Walk, Constance Close, Daisy Close, Doreen Close, Esme Close, Gwendolyn Drive, Isadora Lea, Lauras Walk, Lila Avenue, Marjorie Way, Matilda Mews, Phoebe Close Permanent Operational 8 January 2024
Proposed New & Changes to Controlled Pedestrian Crossing facilities Ringway Junction 7 Access road to Skydome, Croft Road, Ringway Queens, Butts Road, Ringway Rudge Notice of Intent Representation period: 3 March - 24 March 2022
City of Coventry (Station Car Park Access Road)(One Way) Order 2022 Station Car Park Access Road Permanent Objection period 27 January -17 February 2022
City of Coventry (Station Car Park Access Road)(Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2022 Station Car Park Access Road Permanent Objection period 27 January -  17 February 2022
Proposed Installation of Controlled Crossings Binley Cycleway Allard Way, Binley Road, Bulls Head Lane, Church Lane, Clifford Bridge Road, Dorchester Way, Humber Road, Sky Blue Way, Stoke Green Notice of intent Representation period 20 January  - 10 February 2022
Proposed Road Humps (Raised Tables) Binley Cycleway St Georges Road, Binley Road, Bromleigh Drive Notice of intent Objection period 20 January - 10 February 2022
Binley Cycleway Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders 2022  Anthony Way, Biggin Hall Crescent, Binley Road, Bromleigh Drive, Gulson Road, Raleigh Road, Sky Blue Way, Stoke Green. Permanent

Objection period 20 January - 10 February 2022

Orders being made operational in stages.