What you need to think about

Coventry City Council Highways is the Highway Authority for all public roads in Coventry with the exception of Trunk Roads.

We need to ensure safe entry to and exit from premises:

  • to allow the passage of traffic on the highway network;
  • to maintain safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

When considering an application for a dropped kerb we also need to consider any environmental and other factors, such as the presence of trees, green spaces, other obstacles and the impact the application will have on the requirements for on-street parking nearby.

Why we might refuse or modify applications

All applications for new, extended or altered domestic vehicular crossings will be assessed by us and may be refused or altered on the grounds of safety or risk, for such reasons as:

Traffic safety

If any part of a proposed crossing will access a classified road or if any part of a proposed crossing will access an unclassified road too near a junction.


Adequate sight lines must exist both for drivers when entering and leaving the property, pedestrians who use the footway across the entrance and drivers of vehicles already on the carriageway.

Available space

The available space on the property is at least 4.0 metres deep (4.8 metres deep if the dropped kerb is being provided at the time of construction of a new dwelling) from the rear of the public footway to the nearest point of the residential building.

Traffic signals and pedestrian crossings

The closeness of the domestic crossing to traffic signals or a pedestrian crossing.

Flood risk

The risk that a crossing might create a path for rainwater run-off onto the applicant's and/or neighbours' property, triggering flooding.

Traffic calming

If the proposed crossing would affect part or all of an existing traffic calming feature, for example, a lay-by.

You should note: if planning permission is required or a certificate of lawfulness and granted for your vehicular access this does not guarantee permission for the dropped kerb under the Highways Act 1980.

Footway crossing

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