Apply for a dropped kerb

These pages relate purely to the process of applying to the Highway Authority for your dropped kerb. You should first ascertain if either planning permission or a certificate of lawful proposed use from the Local Planning Authority is required for the creation of a vehicular access, in addition to the Highway approval.

Find out which kind of planning permission you need.

Applying for a dropped kerb 

Applying for a dropped kerb is a two-part process.

Permission for a dropped kerb application is not granted immediately.

The Planning department and the Highways department work to satisfy different criteria.

This means that your application for Planning must first be completed before the Highways team can address the application and give their own separate approval or refusal for the works to create a dropped kerb.

To make the process of finding out which kind of planning permission you require easier, begin by using our guidance form Apply for dropped kerb (PART 1). The form will guide you through the initial part of the process and will either redirect you to the Planning Portal in order to make your application using the correct form,  or complete the form via the self-assessment option, based on the answers you provide.

You will need to complete Part 2 form afterwards (once you have completed either a self-assessment or received a decision from the Planning department), however you will receive further help and guidance on how to do this in the results section of Part 1.

Using an external contractor once your application has been approved

Please be aware that this section is for customers who have received approval from Highways for the construction of a dropped kerb. No applications for dropped kerbs can be taken by calling the number provided below. If you would like to apply for a dropped kerb, please refer to the information provided in the above section 'Applying for a dropped kerb'.

Our Policy allows external contractors to construct crossings in the city, in addition to our own Direct Labour Organisation.

Once Highway approval has been secured for a crossing, the applicant can now decide to use an external contractor – and a further £100 fee is payable. The applicant has to provide the following information:

  • Name of the Contracting company with contact details;
  • Evidence of the Contractor’s public liability insurance (£5,000,000 minimum);
  • Copies of the contractor’s Supervisors and Operatives NRSWA Streetworks qualifications cards (required under national legislation to undertake works on the highway);
  • Copy of the Permit to Dig;
  • A copy of the NRSWA Permit ref number (with date of installation).

Work cannot commence until this is received from the applicant.

Download a Permit application form. This must be completed, scanned and sent via email or post to:

Coventry Network Management
Old Budbrooke Road
CV35 7DP

Telephone: 01926 414094/95

Fee £22.00 per permit.

Coventry domestic vehicular footway crossing standard details

Standard detail for use by external contractors and the Council's DLO:

Footway crossing

Telephone: 024 7683 1303