Cov Clean Streets

The Cov Clean Streets team is working to help tackle environmental antisocial behaviour and improve the feeling of pride for those who live in the city.

Extra skips will also be brought in at specific problem areas, while residents will be offered half-price bulky waste collections.

You may have seen our teams working in your street.

This is what we have been doing:

  • Clearing litter from the gullies and pavements
  • Removing any items left on the street
  • Emptying all of the bins
  • Sweeping the pavement

We want to help keep your street clean and tidy but we need your help to do that.

You can help us by:

  • Taking any excess waste to the tip
  • Not leaving any loose rubbish out on your street
  • Making sure your bin lid is closed so rubbish can't blow out of it

Other Council services that can help you keep your street a clean and tidy place:

If you want a supply of bags so you can do your own clean-ups, please call 024 7683 3633 or email [] and we'll get some sent out to you. We will happily collect bags of rubbish once you are done.

See what we've been doing

Cllr Hetherton at Westminster Road clean-up

Here are some photos of our team in action.

Swan Lane alley - before

Part of the Greenway Canal walks, this alleyway was not safe to be used with litter and broken glass. 

Swan Lane alley 1

Swan Lane alley - after

Now safe for residents and walkers. 

Swan Lane alley 2

Westminster Road - sweeper

The Cov Clean Streets team launch their campaign for cleaner streets on Westminster Road. 

Westminster Rd sweeper

The Glutton

The Glutton is a highly effective and time-saving 100% electric vacuum which can reach into the smallest gaps and recesses thanks to its flexible and durable nozzle shoe.

Westminster Rd glutton