How to appeal a school transport decision

If you are dissatisfied with the decision that has been made on your application, you do have a right to appeal under the Council home to school transport policy.

Please note: If you have been refused a pass under the Cardinal Wiseman Catholic school transport policy then you must appeal direct to the school. 

Appeals must be submitted in writing within 20 working days of your application being refused. This is a stage one appeal. You can complete an appeal form by using our online application form.

The appeal must provide reasons for challenging the refusal of a free travel pass and you may include any supporting information or documents to support these reasons. Once received, the evidence submitted and the decision to refuse the application will be reviewed by a senior officer and will be responded to within 20 working days.

If a stage one appeal is unsuccessful, the decision can be reviewed by an independent appeal panel. This is a stage two appeal and the final step in the appeal process. The panel will review any written or verbal representation within 40 working days to see if the policy has been correctly applied and if all the evidence has been properly considered and will issue a final decision letter.

Appeal process flowchart

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