Implementation Timeline

Year 1 2023

  • Embedding agile and flexible working
  • Introducing local and organisational recognition awards
  • Updating recruitment marketing and application process to maintain relevancy in the marketplace
  • New management information and Insight reporting
  • Continuing to improve our mental health support
  • Investing to improve our health and safety support
  • Employee recognition – Spire Awards
  • A full employee survey

Year 2 2024

  • Introduction of our approach to ‘Civility matters'.
  • Completing the review of policies and procedures including supporting materials and training Improvements in keeping well in the workplace
  • Workforce Planning Tools/Support
  • Introduction of Job Families
  • Silver Thrive Award
  • Increasing the uptake of mandatory health and safety training for risk assessment and accident/incident reporting and investigation

Year 3 2025

  • Delivery of the Race Equality Code
  • Conclusion of the Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Effective retention and talent management through responsive reward and development
  • Continuation of our investment in the systems and processes to improve user experience and efficiency
  • New appraisal and talent management system in place Gold Thrive Award
  • ENEI Gold Award

We will be striving to:

  • Maintain working in partnership with Trade Union colleagues
  • Continually developing our learning opportunities to meet organisational need, maintaining our health and safety standards
  • Sustaining and growing our apprenticeship offer
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Direct and targeted support to Children’s and Adult Services
  • Maintaining and improving our statutory and mandatory training figures
  • Continue to develop our annual wellbeing offer