Ukrainian community in prayer





The Ukrainian Community in prayer at the Coventry Ukrainian church


Coventry as city of sanctuary, has a proud history of welcoming new arrivals, stepping forward at times of crisis to offer support to families and individuals to build new lives. The information on this page will help Ukrainian nationals arriving in Coventry under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme to find out about services and support that will be available.

Homes for Ukraine

Homes for Ukraine is a new route for those without existing connections to the UK. It will allow sponsors, such as households, businesses and communities, to bring Ukrainian nationals and their families to the UK for up to three years. The application for phase one, which allows individual sponsors to support named Ukrainians, opened on 18 March.

Support to new arrivals

Coventry City Council and the voluntary and community sector are working in partnership to ensure the necessary preparations are in place so that we stand ready to provide sanctuary to Ukrainian people and families arriving in the city. This will include ensuring safeguarding arrangements and necessary support to both those arriving and sponsors.

Useful links

Read more on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme on the following Government webpages.

Ukrainians already in the UK

Ukrainians already in the UK with a visa will be able to extend their stay by extending their visa or switching to another immigration route, where eligible, even if their visa does not normally allow them to do so.
Check what you need to do.

Further information

If you would like more information or would like to speak to someone from Coventry City Council's Migration Team, please email

Vigil for Ukraine




Ukrainians along with many Coventrians held a vigil for peace in Ukraine at Coventry Cathedral