What can Discretionary Housing Payments be considered for?

We may be able to help you with a DHP if:

  • You have a shortfall between the amount of Housing Benefit / Housing Costs in Universal Credit you get and the amount of rent you have to pay.
  • You are struggling to pay your rent because the Benefit Cap has been applied. 
  • You are struggling to pay your rent because you are considered to be under-occupying a housing association property (you may know this as ‘the bedroom tax’).
  • You need to pay rent in advance, a bond or a deposit either because you are currently in a property that you cannot afford and you need to move to a more affordable property, or to enable you to move out of temporary or unsuitable accommodation
  • You have had to leave your home because of Domestic Violence and need financial support to move to alternative accommodation
  • You need help with the cost of moving (depending on the reasons why you need to move). We cannot help you if you just want to move as a personal choice.
  • You need help to clear rent arrears in order that you can remain in your tenancy (depending on the reason that rent arrears have built up and taking into account the Council’s policy on preventing homelessness and supporting vulnerable families).

Discretionary Grants and Awards team

Telephone line is open 11am to 1pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Address: Customer Service Centre
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Telephone: 024 7683 3773


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