Equipment and Technology can help to support you or those you care for to manage day-to-day tasks. It can help to promote and maintain independence, build confidence, and provide peace of mind. There is a range of equipment and technology that can help if you are having difficulties at home with all the things you need to do every day. For example:

  • If you are having difficulty moving around your home grab rails, a stick or other equipment may make it easier for you.
  • Equipment that could help you get on / off your toilet, chair or your bed.
  • If cooking and using your kitchen is becoming difficult a trolley to carry food safely or a stool so that you can sit at the kitchen sink or work surface may help.
  • If getting in/out of the bath or shower or just having a wash is proving difficult there is a range of equipment that could help.

Specialist equipment is also available for people with a visual and/or hearing impairment.

Information and advice

Information about equipment and technology is available on our Adult Social Care and Communities Information Directory 

You can get information and advice at the Opal Assessment and Demonstration Centre. Occupational Therapists are available to demonstrate the latest equipment and to offer free advice about a range of possible solutions that may make everyday tasks easier for you. Please contact Adult Social Care for information and advice:024 7683 3003. 

If any query related to Equipment please contact Integrated Community Equipment Service: 024 7678 5353.

You can complete an online self assessment or ask for an assessment by contacting Adult Social Care Direct. You can do this yourself or ask your doctor or a family member to do it for you.

Adult Social Care Direct

Speech impairment, deaf or hard of hearing? You can call using Next Generation Text (also known as Text Relay and TypeTalk): Call 18001 024 7683 3003

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7683 3003