West Midlands Police

The primary areas of police responsibility (British Transport Police for rail incidents) at a major incident are:

  1. The saving of life in conjunction with the other emergency services.
  2. The co-ordination and communication between the emergency services, local authorities and other organisations acting in support at the scene of the incident or elsewhere.
  3. To secure, protect and preserve the scene, and to control sightseers and traffic through the use of cordons:
    • Inner cordon - provides immediate security of the rescue zone and potential crime scene.
    • Outer cordon - seals off an extensive controlled area surrounding the rescue zone. All access and exit points will be controlled and persons requesting access vetted. The control/command vehicles of the emergency services must be positioned between the inner and outer cordons.
    • Traffic cordon - deployed at or beyond the outer cordon preventing vehicular access to the area surrounding the scene and ensuring free movement of emergency service vehicles into and away from the scene
  4. The investigation of the incident and securing evidence in conjunction with other investigative bodies where applicable.
  5. The collation and dissemination of casualty information.
  6. The identification of the dead on behalf of HM Coroner.
  7. The prevention of crime.
  8. Short term measures to restore normality after all necessary actions have been taken.

CSW Team

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