West Midlands Ambulance Service (NHS Trust)

Primary areas of responsibility at a major incident are:

  1. to save life in conjunction with the other emergency services
  2. to provide treatment, stabilisation and care of those injured at the scene
  3. to provide sufficient paramedic units
  4. to establish effective triage points and systems, and determine the priority evacuation needs of those injured
  5. to provide a focal point at the incident for all NHS and other medical resources
  6. to provide communication facilities for NHS resources at the scene, with direct communications links to hospitals, control facilities and any other agency as required
  7. to nominate and alert the receiving hospitals for those injured
  8. to maintain emergency cover throughout the area and return to a state of normality at the earliest time.

Officers of the City Council will closely liaise with the other partner agencies that may have leading roles in an emergency.

CSW Team

Address: Council House
Earl Street