Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers patrol our city's streets, parks and city centre and contribute to making our city a cleaner and safer place.

The service operates city-wide and can be quickly deployed to where it is needed most. The deployment is based upon information and intelligence received from Coventry citizens, other colleagues in the City Council and from our partners like the Police and Housing Associations.

The team work seven days per week from 7am to 7pm and specialise in low level environmental enforcement.

We routinely:

  • Issue fixed penalty notices for littering and dog fouling offences concentrating on those parts of the city where Coventry citizens tell us that there is a problem.
  • Deal with the identification and removal of abandoned vehicles.
  • Gather and secure evidence from fly-tipping episodes, on behalf of the Environment and Housing Enforcement team, so that we are able to pursue these offenders through the courts to secure a prosecution.
  • Identify and report where accumulations of refuse in gardens is likely to cause public health problems and attract rodents.
  • Monitor the condition of empty homes in the city.
  • Administer projects like 'bins off streets' and 'hot streets', which are designed to reduce fly-tipping and improve the cleanliness of our streets.

Customer Services

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). If you do need to call us, please try to avoid our busiest times of lunchtime and early afternoon. Many queries relating to Council Tax, benefits or bin and bulky waste collections can be dealt with directly by logging into My Account.

Telephone: 08085 834333