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Bins off streets

We are working with residents to keep bins off streets and pavements so there are fewer obstructions. This is particularly important for the disabled and visually impaired and also those with pushchairs.

Where should I keep my bin?

Please keep your bin on the frontage of your property if you have one, or store your bin at the back of your property by using your alleyway. Bins should be put out on your collection day and then brought back in once they have been emptied.

If you find it difficult to store your bin off the pavement, please get in touch and we can see if we can help.

What if I am too frail to move my bin?

We operate the ‘assisted lifts’ scheme for residents who are not physically able to move their bins safely. Please get in touch so that we can arrange this for you.

What do I do if I am on holiday when my bin is emptied?

If you are away on your collection day and a neighbour cannot bring your bin back in for you, please bring your bin back in as soon as you return.

Why is it important to keep bins off streets?

If bins are left on the pavement and street, it not only makes it difficult for pedestrians, but makes it difficult to keep clean. It also encourages flytipping as people place rubbish next to bins. This can make an area look uncared for and contributes to an area feeling unsafe.

What happens if bins are left out on the pavement?

Where we find that people are able to store their bin off the pavement and continue to leave it out,we will consider enforcement action.

Please contact the Neighbourhood Enforcement Service for further information.

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