Lodges and drives

Portrait by Maria Johnson in 1797 of West Lodge Combe Abbey

As part of his scheme Brown created a circuit of drives through the park so that visitors could enjoy the views he had designed around the lake and buildings. He remodelled the approach to the house, with a new drive from the south across the lawns that ended at a carriage circle – a circular area of grass within the courtyard.

It is thought that Henry Holland Junior designed the West Lodge, which lies half a mile south-west of the house. Built of stone, with classical ornaments, it has an arched entrance with single-storey wings on either side. Either Brown or Holland designed the Gothic-style East Lodge south-east of the house.

Brown also built the west drive, partly following the route of the public road from Brinklow to Coventry, which had been diverted to the south in around 1775.

Portrait of Lancelot ' Capability Brown, c 1770-75 by Richard Cosway

Portrait of Lancelot ' Capability Brown, c 1770-75 by Richard Cosway, 917421821/Private Collection/Bridgeman Images.

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