A person cycling to work.

Cycling to work can avoid the stress of sitting in traffic and having to find a parking space. It can also be a great way to fit in some exercise and save you some money.

To start all you need is a bike. If you haven't been on yours for a while, give it a check over or visit your local bike shopFree cycle training is available from traffic free learn to ride and cycle skills session, to on-road training.

Bikes and riders come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose what to wear and what kind of bike to buy or visit a local bike shop for advice or there are also bike recycling projects.

Bikes are also available to hire from West Midlands Cycle Hire at docking stations in and around the city centre. University of Warwick also has bikes to hire on campus.

Some bikes have a luggage rack on the back for cycle panniers or briefcases. You can keep a cycle lock at work to save carrying it with you.

Do you need cycle parking at your workplace?

Free cycle parking is available for businesses to install on their premises while stocks last. Ask your employer to apply for free cycle parking online.

Some workplaces provide changing facilities, but if you have an easy cycle ride then you won't have to get changed. Mudguards are useful to keep your clothes clean.

If you'd like to get a new bike for cycling to work, ask your employer if they offer the Cycle to Work scheme. This enables you to pay for the bike and accessories directly from your salary, reducing tax and you save 25 - 40% on the cost of buying the bike direct.

You can plan your cycle route to work using the Bike Citizens online journey planner or take a look at our series of cycle maps. You can also turn your smartphone into a cycle sat nav by downloading the free Bike Citizens app from the App Store or Google Play.

If you use the train, why not cycle to the station? Covered cycle parking is provided at Coventry, Canley and Tile Hill stations.

Coventry station also has an indoor Bike Hub. To register to use it please visit the ticket office with ID.

You can also take your bike on most trains. The Network West Midlands journey planner can help you combine cycling with bus and train travel.

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