If you choose a burial, we can only offer new grave spaces at Canley Garden Cemetery and Lentons Lane Cemetery. Only lawn type graves are available at Canley Garden Cemetery. You have a choice of the different types of graves available at Lentons Lane cemetery including 'Lawn Sections' (headstones only), Woodland Burial (no memorialisation is permitted), Wild Flower Meadow Burial (wooden grave marker is permitted) or 'Kerb Sections' (headstone and/or kerb sets). It is very important that you let us know which you prefer prior to the burial service taking place.

You may wish to visit the cemetery before you make this decision to get a better understanding of different types of memorials available.

Exclusive rights of burial

If your family already own the Exclusive Rights of Burial for a grave, and you can produce either the Deed of Exclusive Rights of Burial and can evidence that you are the proper person to have the Burial Rights, then we can make arrangements for an interment to take place. We will need information about the grave and those buried in it. You may also have to sign a document that protects us if there is a problem about ownership or use of the Burial Rights.

If the grave is classified as full (no room for another coffin), then you may wish to bury cremated remains.

Soon after the funeral has taken place we will write to the owner of the Exclusive Rights of Burial with further information, advice and in the case of a new grave the Deed of Exclusive Rights of Burial.

The Exclusive Right of Burial is granted to the person named on the Deed or Grant. Only this person is allowed to have work carried out to the grave or its memorial.

We should be told of any changes to the information given on the Deed so we can update our records. This is especially important if the name or address is changed. The Cemetery fees are included on the Deed for your information and will have been dealt with by your Funeral Director.

Bereavement services

Address: The Lodge
Cannon Hill Road

Telephone: 024 7697 5520