Unauthorised memorialisation on lawn graves

Lawn type memorials are also known as headstones, a lawn type grave will have a headstone located at the top of the grave with the rest of the plot being covered by grass. These types of sections are regularly mowed by Bereavement Services Officers as part of the overall grounds maintenance programme. There are restrictions as to the height, width and length of a memorial to ensure it is possible for the maintenance to be carried out effectively on lawn sections.

Unauthorised memorialisation

Unauthorised memorials/memorabilia is anything that is located outside of the permitted area and can range from windmills, chimes, pots, planting, trees, ornaments, solar lights and homemade kerbs running the full length of the grave.


Bereavement Services will write to the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial to advise them if the memorialisation located on their lawn type grave exceeds the specified area. Time will be permitted for the items to be moved by the family directly or they may wish for us to undertake this activity on their behalf. If attempts to contact the grave owner fail and we have to remove the unauthorised memorialisation/items ourselves we will hold the items in safe keeping for up to 1 month pending collection by family members.

If you have any concerns regarding unauthorised memorialisation on graves or need further help or assistance please contact Bereavement Services.

Bereavement services

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