Individual memorial gardens

Individual memorial gardens

We have a selection of individual gardens that are situated throughout the Gardens of Remembrance and provide a beautiful living tribute to your loved one. Individual gardens offer a variety of ornamental trees and shrubs and allow for personalisation and planting of appropriate plants and bulbs within the designated border and up to six bronze memorial plaques

Costs of individual memorial gardens
For the right to place an inscription on a plaque in an Individual Memorial Garden for a leased period 10 years 15 years 20 years
Photinia/Holly Bush/Spiral Tree/Yew/Elaeagnus £1281 £1846 £2358
Standard Rose £909 £1336 £1746
Costs of renewals for individual memorial gardens
For the renewal of the lease period on an existing Individual Memorial Garden 10 years 15 years 20 years
Spiral Tree; Holly Bush; Photinia; Elaeagnus; Juniper Tree; Yew Tree £538 £746 £1025
Rhododendron; Standard Rose; Azalea; Bush Rose £440 £631 £839

Additional Plaques for all individual memorial gardens: £337

Bereavement services

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