Registering a neonatal death

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When a live-born child dies before the 28th day of life, the doctor who was present at the birth or examined the body will issue a medical certificate of cause of death of live-born child dying before the first 28 days of life. The person who registers the death must take this certificate to the registrar's office.

Every neonatal death in England or Wales must be registered in the district in which it takes place, normally within 5 days.

Information is given to the registrar and recorded in the register. The person registering the death signs the record.

If you cannot get to the district where the death took place, you can speak to another registrar. They will record the details on a form of declaration and send it to the registrar for the district where the death took place. Details will then be entered in the register. Certificates of death, which may be ordered and paid for at the time of making the declaration, as well as the document for the burial or cremation, will be posted by the registrar for the district where the death took place. If a declaration is made, it may take a day or two longer for the document for burial or cremation to be issued. The family should discuss the arrangements with their funeral director and the registrar to avoid any delay to the funeral.

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