Digital Coventry - lady

Our vision

Enabling a workforce which has access to the right tools to do its job and is confident in maximising the use and benefits of technology in its daily work.

We need a rapid change in culture and mind-set to demonstrate a clear commitment to embracing IT innovation and to provide a clear vision for a more digital future; one that offers a vibrant and exciting environment for the up-and-coming generation of digital talent.

This will be done through providing the right technology, such as tablets and phones, so that teams can work in different places and can access the systems they need, when they need to and simplifying processes and systems for the benefit of customers and teams.

We also need to ensure that our employees at every level of the organisation have the digital skills, confidence and commitment to adopt a digital first approach to working collaboratively across boundaries to deliver services and meet customer needs. It means developing a Digital Skills Strategy, providing a clear vision and expectation of digital standards and addressing gaps through training and recruitment.

What are we doing

We are introducing a new type of telephone system for our staff which allows them to use their computer as a phone. This also gives greater flexibility and mobility to staff as well as introducing new communication methods such as conference calling, video calling and instant messaging. So far we have rolled out to 2500 users.

“81% of early users say they can work more flexibly."

We have introduced a new type of laptop computer – a 2-in-1 laptop. This means they can also be used as a touch screen tablet device, making them more versatile and accessible to use in meetings and when users are away from a desk. Alongside this we have also made it easy for teams to connect to our network when they are working away from the office, as long as they have an internet connection. So far we have issued this type of device to 30% of our Council users.

“Light and agile, I take it everywhere. Versatile - no more paper, I use it as a tablet at meetings."

Finance Business Partner

We have introduced new electronic systems for users to be able to store, access, share, collaborate on and archive their files. This is being matched with redesigning our document management policies and procedures with a view to the organisation becoming as paperlight as possible. So far we have rolled out these systems to 62 out of 91 services. Our plan is for all services to have access to these systems by early 2017.

“I really like being able to work on the same document together - and seeing people's changes added."

Corporate Performance Officer

Having renegotiated a new corporate Mobile Telephony contract we are now able to provide corporate smartphone technology to our users. This means that they can not only make and receive calls but also access emails and create Wi-Fi hotspots for them to be able to connect their laptop to the internet to access our network. So far we have provided smartphones to 2500 of our users.

“Using my phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, I can access network files, emails and take notes while working in schools."

Educational Psychology