How we will achieve our vision

  • Innovate, taking advantage of the latest technologies available.
  • Focus on process efficiency and automation through the use of technology and the use of efficient, digitally enhanced models of service delivery and process, which in turn will reduce cost and support improvement in outcomes.
  • Ensure that data integrity and quality are at the heart of operating processes with a specific focus being given to insight and continual service improvement in the future shaping of services.
  • In line with our Digital Transformation agenda, services will be designed, end-to-end, with and for the customer and service users.
  • Ensure that the workforce is suitably skilled in the use of digital technology and service redesign. This will be supported by the creation of a Digital Skills Strategy. 
  • Service managers are accountable for continually reviewing the processes they are responsible for to ensure they remain up to date with the latest technology trends. Changes to processes are carefully managed and controlled to ensure service continuity whilst innovating. 
  • Remove complexity by reducing and consolidating the number of IT systems in use by Coventry City Council through our Systems Consolidation programme.
  • Ensuring that the right documents, information and data is available to the right people at the right time through the creation of a digital collaboration environment which includes re-imagining our intranet.