Case study - New devices supporting new ways of working

Natasha is a social worker in our Referral and Assessment Service. She was part of the test project for the new 2-in-1 laptops that we are now rolling out across the organisation. We wanted to be sure that the type of device we are offering is fit for purpose for the people that will be using them day-to-day. 

“One of the intended outcomes of the tablet is that we will become more paper light. As social workers we will write copious records and this is often in writing on paper and then they have to be typed up back at the office. By using the tablet, the records will be typed up straight away, and therefore, saving a lot of time so we can see more service users and children."

Natasha, Social Worker

The testing of these devices was successful and feedback from the group was captured. This informed our approach to rolling these devices out further. We have provided nearly 1200 so far, with lots of positive feedback.