EMAS Bespoke CPD Offer 2024-2025

 EMAS are able to deliver bespoke CPD sessions in your schools.  For all enquiries including costs, please contact the EMAS teacher team on emasteachers@coventry.gov.uk. Courses are delivered at a preparation and delivery hourly rate of £68 per hour for an EMAS Advisory Teacher.

CPD title Description
Supporting resettlement scheme pupils in your setting

This session aims to support schools that are hosting pupils on funded schemes such as the United Kingdom Resettlement Scheme (UKRS), Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) and Homes for Ukraine. We will discuss recommended in-class strategies for settling pupils in, emotional support for Refugees, developing English proficiency and setting up interventions such as paired reading and English phonics and the importance of communication with parents and the community. We will share advice and strategies on how to successfully include these vulnerable children and develop emotional literacy and empathy in your classroom.  Extensive research has shown that school, and most importantly the relationships formed at school, can be an incredibly stabilising, positive and nurturing experience.

This session is fully funded for schools welcoming children from resettlement schemes.

Talking Partners @ Primary Talking Partners is a structured 10-week Intervention.  It is a programme designed to raise levels of achievement by providing learners with the opportunity to consolidate their academic language through structured speaking and listening activities.  It can be used in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.
ITT training

EMAS offer bespoke training for Initial Teacher Training covering topics such as:

  • Importance of tracking English proficiency progress in EAL learners
  • Planning for language
  • Adaptive strategies for the classroom for newly arrived and more advanced EAL learners in both primary and secondary phases
Working with EAL parents This session covers the importance of working closely with parents of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds and how this can improve the outcomes for the multilingual learners in our schools.
Drop-in surgeries EMAS teacher team can offer EAL surgeries for teaching staff to come and discuss in-class support strategies for their EAL learners on a 1:1 basis within the school setting.
SEN-EAL This session looks specifically at the process to distinguish additional learning needs in learners using English as an additional language. It will look at the procedures currently used in your setting and how they can be used most effectively to support the SEN-EAL process.
Admission Process and Induction of newly arrived EAL learners This session will cover the initial admission stage of a newly arrived EAL learner including the importance of a welcome meeting with parents, correctly inputting data, strategies for initial inclusion into the mainstream and creating a short time-limited induction programme.
Early Career Teachers (ECTs): Strategies and resources to support newly arrived and more advanced EAL learners in the classroom Building on ECT’s initial teacher training, we will look at the background of Coventry’s EAL learners and the differences between newly arrived and more advanced EAL learners. We will examine how the teacher standards apply to EAL learners in regards to behaviour management, assessment and tracking English proficiency and creating a positive learning environment, and explore practical strategies and resources to help EAL learners access the curriculum and support speaking and writing development.

If you require alternative bespoke support or CPD please contact the EMAS teaching team for more information.