Support to live at home

Equipment to help with day-to-day living

There are many pieces of equipment and products that can help you to live as independently as possible by making everyday tasks easier and safer.  These can help with things such as:

  • domestic tasks, such as kettle tippers and perching stools
  • bathing, such as bath boards and seats
  • using the toilet, such as raised toilet seats and commodes
  • mobility, such as hoists, specialist beds and chairs

Sometimes it may be helpful for changes to be made to your home, for example, adding grab rails, widening doors, or fitting a stairlift. More information about changes to your home.


Coventry TeleCareline is a 24-hour service that provides and monitors a range of equipment and sensors. These can be worn, or put in a person's home to help them remain independent. When alarms go off, support is provided, which can be from a neighbour or friend, a service organised by us or the emergency services.

Home support

Home support, also known as domiciliary care, is a service provided by paid care workers in someone's own home to help them manage their day to day tasks. Support can include (but is not limited to) personal care, giving medication, washing and generally making sure people's health and wellbeing is being maintained.

There is a range of providers of home support in Coventry that can help people and are available without the need for us to be involved.

Personal assistant

A personal assistant is someone you choose and employ to give the support you need, in the way that suits you best. This may include cooking, cleaning, help with personal care such as washing and dressing, and other things such as getting out and about in your community. If you have certain needs, your personal assistant can be paid through direct payments or a personal budget.

Home meals

Commonly known as Meals on Wheels, home meals are pre-packed meals delivered to people who can't prepare their own meals and do not have other support.

In Coventry, we work with a provider called ICare that provides meals to people in contact with us and people who choose to buy meals privately.

Incontinence laundry

This service is open to the people who meet our conditions. The service helps people who can't manage their day-to-day laundry. The service involves delivery of a set of sheets either 'single' or 'double' that are pre-packed (each pack of laundry contains 'two bed sheets' and 'one draw sheet') and ready to be used. When a delivery is made, the old sheets are taken away for washing.

Adult Social Care Direct

Speech impairment, deaf or hard of hearing? You can call using Next Generation Text (also known as Text Relay and TypeTalk): Call 18001 024 7683 3003

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7683 3003