Part 5 Chapter 3 of the Localism Act (2011) details the regulations for Assets of Community Value and sets out the Community Right to Bid.  

The purpose of the Community Right to Bid is to give communities a right to identify a property (an Asset of Community Value) which they believe is of benefit to their social interests or social wellbeing. It gives them a fair chance to make a bid to buy the property on the open market if the property owner decides to sell. Eligible community groups, local parish councils, local neighbourhood planning forums and charities can nominate a property to be listed as an Asset of Community Value. Successful nominations expire after five years.

List of unsuccessful nominations

Ref: ACV01
Address: 90 Craven Street, Chapelfields, Coventry CV5 8DW
Ward: Whoberley
Parish N/A
Date listing expired: 04/06/2018
Date refused: 04/06/2013
Nominator: Craven Crusts Ltd

Reason for Refusal of Nomination Within the meaning of Section 88 of the Localism Act 2011: Failed to meet Section 88(2): Due to the site being closed for some time and its previous use solely as a commercial property it does not meet the criterion of demonstrating that in the recent past it furthered the social wellbeing or social interest of the local community.

List of Assets of Community Value
Ref No. Asset Date added to register Date register entry expires Notification of disposal received End date of interim moratorium End date of full moratorium Protected period Full moratorium triggered? Community interest group triggering
List of expired Assets of Community Value
Reference Address Date listing expired
ACV02 449/449A Foleshill Road 17 September 2018


Disused Coventry Loop Railway Line (land Registration title numbers) 30 September 2018
ACV04 White Lion, Brownshill Green 10 December 2020
ACV05 The Albany public house, 24 Albany Road 3 April 2022
ACV06 Finham Library and Finham Green 20 September 2022
ACV07 Whitefriars Olde Ale House

22 November 2022

ACV08 The Grapes Public House 12 July 2023

Community Right to Bid

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street