ECO4 in Coventry

Coventry City Council has partnered with AgilityEco to expand the ECO4 scheme across Coventry, enabling more installers to take part and more residents to benefit from the scheme.

AgilityEco is an experienced managing agent for the ECO scheme and will be administering part of the ECO Flex scheme in Coventry.


Installers wishing to install ECO4 Flex funded measures in Coventry should contact AgilityEco via to discuss the onboarding process.


Residents who are interested in applying for ECO4 flexible eligibility funding are advised to contact one of AgilityEco's on-boarded installers to understand if they may be eligible for the scheme. Our Statement of Intent describes the ECO4 flexible eligibility criteria that installers will work to. Please note that meeting the eligibility for the ECO4 scheme does not guarantee that an installer/supplier will choose to install measures at your property.

Coventry City Council is not working with or endorsing any ECO installers, nor the quality of workmanship of the contractor, however, installers who have been on-boarded by AgilityEco have been through thorough checks to ensure they are competent to meet the scheme's minimum standards.

Installers currently delivering ECO4 Flex measures in Coventry through AgilityEco are:

  • Green Deal Assist
  • Prima Energy Solutions Ltd
  • Baxter Kelly
  • All Seasons
  • Green home plans
  • Assist Eco Solutions
  • Go Green Alliance
  • RMS
  • Carbon rewind
  • Grant store
  • Love to save energy
  • A&D carbon solutions
  • South Rings Energy
  • Carbon savings/Warma UK
  • UK ECO Solutions
  • ECO Grants UK
  • Ecosubs Limited
  • Plumb-line
  • Pure Atom
  • Energy Help

We will update this list regularly as new installers become involved in the scheme.