Bin lorry driver strike action

Bin lorry drivers are on strike over a number of days. We apologise but this is out of our control. We are continuing to try and find a resolution that will get drivers back on the streets.

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Coventry Homefinder

The new Coventry Homefinder Scheme launched on 13 September 2021.

You can now register for the new scheme

If you had a live account on the previous scheme you can still keep your effective date by applying to register by the 31st December 2021.

People who have priority because they are statutory homeless (owed a main duty), or are owed the prevention or relief duties, will not have to register (their details will be transferred).

To register for the new scheme you will need a valid email address.

Register for Homefinder now

If you already have a live account on the new scheme you can log onto your account using the email address and password you created when you submitted your form using Coventry Homefinder.

The turnaround to assess applications is 11 weeks

What's changed?

The new Homefinder website is up to date and easier to use.

We're simplifying applications too, so there'll be fewer forms to complete.

The new Homefinder Policy also includes new qualifying criteria:

  • You must have a local connection to Coventry (unless exceptional circumstances apply)
  • You must have a housing need that is recognised in the new policy
  • If you have a household income over £50,000 or assets over £50,000, you will not be able to join the Homefinder register.

There are also changes to the bands:

  • You may be placed in a higher or lower band than you are currently based on the information and supporting evidence you provide.
  • There are also some new categories of housing need in the banding system, for example, applicants living with friends or family who want their own accommodation or those experiencing financial difficulty in their current property.

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