How to register for Homefinder

If you do not currently have an application on Coventry Homefinder and think you may qualify for the scheme, you can register below. 

It can take up to 45 minutes to complete the application form, please take some time to gather the information you will need to provide us with.

You will need an email address, your national insurance number, and a list of your addresses over the last 5 years to proceed.

In addition, if you have a reason to move that includes financial reasons you will need to gather information about your income & spending.

If you have medical reasons for needing to move you may need details of your medications and treatment. If you have multiple reasons for moving, you will need to provide evidence for every reason listed. Find out which documents may be required.

Applications are processed in date order from the date that required documentation is received. If you do not provide the requested documentation within 28 days your application will be removed. 

Register for Homefinder

The wait time to process applications for Coventry Homefinder is around 8 weeks.

For help and support to register for the new Homefinder Scheme please visit Coventry Homefinder.