How to register for Homefinder

People who have priority because they are statutory homeless (main housing duty accepted) will not have to register - we will do this for you.

If you are new to Homefinder and think you may qualify for the scheme register below. You will need a valid email address.

Applications will be processed in date order of when we receive them, If we have asked you to provide evidence then it will be from the date we receive all of the requested evidence.

If you do not supply the evidence we have asked for within 28 days your application will be removed.

There is only one form to register.

How to register

You need to apply to join the new register online. 

It will take around 45 minutes to complete the form, please take some time to gather the information you will need to provide us with.

You will need your national insurance number and a list of your addresses over the last 5 years to proceed.

In addition, if you have a reason to move that includes financial reasons you will need to gather information about your income & spending.

Likewise, if you have medical reasons for needing to move you may need details of your medications and treatment.

Before you start it might be worth having this information to hand as you will need to send this information to us before your application can be processed.

Register for Homefinder now

The turnaround to assess applications is 12 weeks.

For help and support to register for the new Homefinder Scheme please visit Coventry Homefinder.