What is Coventry Homefinder?

Coventry Homefinder is the scheme by which most of the social housing in Coventry is allocated. Coventry City Council do not own any council houses and social properties are provided solely by registered housing providers. 

The scheme advertises social and affordable rented properties and aims to give you choice about where you live and the type of accommodation you would like to move to.

All applicants are assessed according to their housing need, given a priority band and advised what size property they are eligible for. You decide which properties you would like to be considered for and can place a bid on up to 3 properties. The properties are usually let to the person in the highest priority band and if there is more than 1 household with the same priority the property will be offered to those who have waited the longest.

Not everybody that applies will qualify to join the housing register and social housing is in very high demand in Coventry, so alongside your Homefinder application you will need to consider all other housing options available to you.

Coventry Homefinder is a Choice Based Lettings Allocation Scheme. People who want to move into a social rented home in Coventry can register with Coventry Homefinder. A banding system is used to give priority to those people with an urgent housing need (e.g. those people who are homeless, are overcrowded or who have a medical or welfare need to move) over those people who have no identified housing need and/or are currently adequately housed.

Available social housing properties are advertised each week and applicants can express an interest in (bid on) properties that they want to be considered for. At the end of each advertising period, a shortlist is created of all the applicants that have bid on the property, based on their band and their registration/effective date.

Cabinet report (18 February 2020)

The Council no longer owns any housing following the transfer of all the former Council housing to Whitefriars Housing Group (now Citizen) in September 2000. However, the Local Authority is legally required to have a scheme that allocates social housing.

The aim is that those with the greatest need for housing are prioritised.