What we do when a property is reported to us

We prioritise the empty properties that we want to get back in use, focusing on those that have been empty the longest, or those which may be causing nuisance or concern for the wider public.

We contact the owner to find out what they plan to do with the property, tell them the options available to them and give information that may help them make a decision on what to do with it.

Where the property is causing a nuisance or is insecure, we will ask the owner to stop the nuisance and secure the property. If the owner does not, we will take enforcement action against the owner to force them to do so. If an owner does not do the work, we will take them to court and in some cases we will carry out the work on their behalf and charge for the work.

If a home remains empty with no signs of it being reoccupied or demolished, we may use one or more of the various powers available to us to make the owner carry out work and make it fit for living in again. We may also take action to force the owner to sell the property.

The Empty Property Strategy 2021-2026 sets outs the Council’s vision for reducing the number of long-term vacant dwellings in Coventry.

Report an empty property online

When reporting an empty home please have the following details:

  • Your name and contact details
  • House number/name and street
  • Name and contact details of the owner if you have them
  • Length of time the property has been empty
  • Any problems associated with the property

These details will help us to identify properties that we may be able to bring back into use.

If you would like to provide further information or have a query about an empty property, please email emptyhomes@coventry.gov.uk or telephone 024 7697 5495

Customer Services

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