The Housing Enforcement Team are responsible for ensuring good housing standards and property management in Coventry in relation to single family dwellings. Houses in Multiple Occupation fall within the remit of the Property Licensing Team.

This Service Level Agreement outlines: the service that we will provide, what we expect from tenants and landlords in order to provide the service and contacts who may be able to assist where we cannot.

We will:

  • Be courteous and polite
  • Give you our name and contact details
  • Keep you informed when there is progress on outstanding issues

We prioritise complaints:

Some complaints of disrepair are more urgent than others. The type of complaints that we assess as urgent are those such as:

  • No heating (depending on time of year)
  • No hot water and no electric shower
  • No electricity
  • Severe leaks and flooding
  • Serious structural collapse

We try to contact tenants about urgent cases within one working day. Where we need to inspect, we will try to do so the same or next working day. How we resolve the issue will depend upon the nature of the complaint and the full circumstances. For example, if a property has no hot water at all, an engineer has ordered parts to fix a boiler and they will be fitted as soon as they arrive, we are unable to make parts arrive more quickly.

We will endeavour to return phone calls and emails within 5 working days. Those which require a more urgent response will be prioritised.

When visiting a property for complaint investigations, we will:

  • Explain the purpose of the visit
  • Carry an identification card
  • Be discreet when carrying out our duties
  • Assess the whole property for any hazards using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

When problems are identified, we will:

Where landlords have failed to meet legal requirements, we will act in accordance with our enforcement policy. Where we require a problem to be addressed, we will:

  • Clearly explain the nature of the non-compliance and how to remedy it
  • Advise if we are considering enforcement action
  • Take action that is proportionate and in accordance with our Enforcement Policy
  • Set timescales for work that is based on the risk to occupiers and visitors
  • Explain how to appeal against formal enforcement action

What we need you to do

  • Keep appointments and let us know in advance if you can no longer be available for an appointment. If you do not keep an appointment or do not let us know you can no longer make the appointment, this results in wasted time for officers. Also, the next available appointment may not be for some time.
  • Provide access to the whole of a property. The Housing Act requires us to inspect a whole property in order to take action. If we cannot access the whole property, we may not be able to assist in resolving a complaint. 
  • During an inspection we need to be allowed to collect all necessary evidence to support our course of action, this is likely to include: making written notes and taking photographs.
  • Where possible have a landlord’s details available. A copy of a tenancy agreement is also very useful as well as other documents such as: eviction notice, gas safety certificate, electrical installation condition report.
  • Return phone calls and emails. For example, if you are called or emailed to offer an appointment, if you do not reply to confirm the time and date are suitable, we will not attend at that time.
  • We will not accept any aggression or violence towards members of staff either verbally or physically. Should such an incident occur it will be dealt with in line with the Council’s policy.


We do not charge for inspections, we do charge for other services such as charging landlords for the service of certain notices. We will provide details of charges where applicable.

Helping you to get it right

It is important that you feel able to come to us for free advice when you need it. We have a dedicated Landlord and Tenant Liaison Officer available to help you. They will:

  • Ensure clear guidance is available to help you meet legal requirements
  • Provide advice that can be relied upon
  • Confirm advice in writing if you request it
  • Make clear what is a legal requirement and what is best practice
  • Investigate any allegations you make with regards to illegal eviction and/or harassment

Tenancy relations and evictions

The Council will investigate complaints of harassment and illegal eviction. Where a complaint is received the case officer will contact you to advise accordingly.  We provide information and advice to tenants on a variety of subjects including:

  • Threat of eviction
  • Harassment from your landlord
  • Rental increases
  • Advice over deposit disputes
  • Informal advice to landlords

We cannot assist with

Providing temporary or emergency alternative accommodation, Homefinder applications or claims for damages. Please use the below contacts:

We can provide information to the Temporary Accommodation and Homefinder Teams upon their request. We are unable to provide information to external organisations without authorisation.

Complaints and compliments

We value your input to help ensure our service is meeting your needs. Make a complaint or send us a compliment. We manage complaints in line with the Council's Corporate Complaints Policy.

Housing Enforcement's process for dealing with most non-urgent complaints

  1. Complaint received
  2. Receipt of complaint acknowledged
  3. Allocated to an officer
  4. Officer will make contact to discuss your case and arrange an appointment where necessary
  5. Officer will carry out an inspection
  6. Officer will provide you with details of repairs your landlord should complete
  7. Where a landlord does not complete repairs, officer may serve notice to enter the property to carry out an inspection under the Housing Act 2004
  8. Where necessary, a notice will be served requiring works to be undertaken
  9. Officer will check compliance with a notice.

Housing Enforcement

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7697 5495

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