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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

According to the Government Roadmap, large unrestricted events won’t be allowed before 19 July. All events need to be planned in compliance with the Road Map and whilst legal restrictions may cease at some point there will almost certainly be guidance that follows. Larger events will be subject to the outcome of the government’s proposed pilot testing programme. As additional information is issued we will be able to review further the impact for public events. 

Event organisers can seek advice from the fortnightly city Event Safety Advisory Group (SAG).  All event organisers need to be a business, charity or organisation and produce a Covid risk assessment – we suggest considering all but not limited to the conditions;

  1. Outdoors, Ventilation, Space for distancing
  2. Capacity Control – perimetered venues
  3. Social distancing – spacing floor markings, etc
  4. Rule of 6
  5. Track and Trace
  6. Cleansing and Sanitising
  7. PPE, masks for any indoor attraction  (when permissible)
  8. Local audience – minimise travel

Event organisers wishing to use public space will also require an Event Booking Request Form along with the normal requirements of Public Liability Insurance, Event Risk Assessments & Method Statements and Safety Plans. The terms and conditions of using public space for events also include the application of any advice from the SAG. Not all event organisers will be required to attend the Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

Guidance for organisers

Given the above position we advise event organisers to;

  1. Plan with restrictions in mind as these may lose their legal basis but may still persist as Guidance
  2. Plan with the uncertainty of the Road map dates.  Allow for some slippage – 2 weeks further ahead than the indicative date may counter any slippage
  3. In Step 3 Public can gather in groups up to 30 outdoors
  4. In Step 4 there will be no legal limits on social contact, but Guidelines on safe behaviours may follow.

Further advice: Events COVID-19 Guidance document from Events Industry Forum (PDF)

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Temporary events notice

Temporary event notices (TENs) are best used for small events which take place over a short period of time. They are especially useful for people outside of the licensed trade such as community events organisers, PTAs, charities to licence events. For more information please visit our temporary event licences page.

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