Coombe Abbey Park - fees and charges

All charges are available on booking and are inclusive of VAT.

Regardless of charges or free use of parks and greenspaces, there will be a reparation/make good clause in all agreements. Any damage to land or facilities will be charged to the event/activity organiser named on the enquiry form.

A ground deposit/bond along with deposit may be payable once your enquiry is confirmed.

Charges will apply for activities where large equipment or apparatus is required, e.g climbing walls, archery targets etc.

Fees and charges vary for events of a more complex nature. These events will need to be discussed in detail between the Council and applicant:

  • Certain larger scale events involving a significant number of visitors.
  • Funfairs and circuses.
  • Commercial activities across all types of parks: e.g. fitness camps, dog training, tai chi etc where the organisation/individual make a charge, will be charged for a minimum two hour session.
  • Some supported events may not incur a charge (e.g. Friends of Groups, Community Groups, Resident or other council departments) this will be decided on review of enquiry.
  • Any events that fall outside the charging schedules at the Council’s discretion.