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HMO licensing

Public registers

You can view a public register of licensed HMOs. We aim to update this register on or shortly after the first working day of each month.

For information on which data we publish on the public register, and why we have to publish it, please see our Privacy Notice. Please note that under GDPR, individuals have to specifically opt in to receive marketing correspondence. The publishing of licence holders' addresses on the public register does not constitute consent of the licence holders to be contacted for marketing purposes.

You can also view a list of properties for which a licence application has been received, but the licence not yet issued. Provided that the application received is complete, it is lawful for such a property to operate as a licensable HMO. Please note that we are not able to provide any landlord information for these properties, as this information does not pass into the public domain until the licence has been issued.  Please note too that we have received a substantial number of applications in the wake of the legislative changes which are still being worked through, and as such some properties which meet the new licensability criteria may not yet appear on this document

The information provided on these registers sets out the number of HMOs which are currently licensed by the Council and does not provide the total number of HMOs in the city.

This information should not be relied upon for deciding whether a property is an HMO or not. If you wish to find out if a property is an HMO then you should carry out additional enquiries.

This page was last updated: 1st October 2019

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